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Dousset, Laurent, Harold Koch and Patrick McConvell. 2015. AustKin Database on Australian Aboriginal Kinship Systems and Systems of Social Organization: The Anindilyakwa language., accessed 2024-07-20.


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AIATSIS Language code: N151

Alternative Spelling(s): (note that these are names or spellings through which this language may have been called in the litterature, but that they may be erroneous) Enindhilyagwa, Amakurupa, Andilagwa, Andiljaugwa, Andiljaukwa, Andilyaugwa, Anindiljaugwa, Anindilyaugwa, Awarikpa, En, Indiljaugwa, Endiljaugwa, Enindiljaugwa, Enindilyaugwa, Groote, Eylandt, Ingura, Lamadalpu, Wani-, N.


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Social Categories

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