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Dousset, Laurent, Harold Koch and Patrick McConvell. 2015. AustKin Database on Australian Aboriginal Kinship Systems and Systems of Social Organization: The Agwamin language., accessed 2024-07-20.


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AIATSIS Language code: Y132

Alternative Spelling(s): (note that these are names or spellings through which this language may have been called in the litterature, but that they may be erroneous) Wamin, A wamin, Agwamin, Ak, Waumin, Ak-waumin, E wamin, Egwamin, Ewamin, Gwamin, Kuppy-kuppy, Wa:min, Wailoolo, Wajmin, Walamin, Walming, Wamin, Waumin, Wawmin, Wimanja, Wominin, Wommin, Woomin.


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Social Categories

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