A database of Australian Aboriginal systems of social organization and kinship

The AustKin database and website provide access to kinship terminologies and social category systems from published and archival sources for over 607 Australian Aboriginal languages. Included are 1291 systems of social organization (such as section systems, subsection systems, etc.) and their references, as well as 776 kinship terminologies or extracts thereof.

There are various ways to search and browse through the database:
  List and select or search for particular languages
  Directly search for kinship features
You may also move over the map, zoom in and/or click a language to get more details.

We recommend you start by looking at the ressources to get more information on Australian Aboriginal kinship systems and systems of social organization.
  What are family/kinship terminologies?
  What are social categories and descent groups?
  Sounds and spellings in Aboriginal languages

Note that you do need to read the conditions before using the database. You may also want to read more about the AustKin project and see who has contributed.