Gurindji Examples of sounds and their spellings

Here are some words for relatives in the Gurindji language. We give our standardised spelling and the community spelling, to show how these may differ. Also the meaning of the word and its abbreviation. You can hear what the whole list sounds like if you clicking on the sound file.

Community spellingStandard spellingMeaningSymbolListen to the sound
jajutyatyumother’s mother MM
jawijityawityimother’s fatherMF
kakukakufather's fatherFF
kaminyjarrkaminytyarrfemale’s daughter’s son or daughterfDS, fDD
kurrijikurrityihusband’s mother, female’s son’s wifeHM, fSW
kurturtukurturtufemale’s child, sister’s childfS, fD, ZS, ZD
lamparralamparrawife’s father, husband’s fatherWF, HF
malimaliwife’s mother, female’s daughter’s husband WF, fDH
mukurlamukurlafather’s sisterFZ
ngajalangatyalahusband’s sister, female’s brother’s wifeHZ, fBW
ngalawunyngalawunyman’s son or daughtermS, mD
ngamirningamirnimother’s brotherMB
ngapangapaelder brothereB
ngapujungaputyufather’s motherFM
ngunyarringunyarrimother’s mother’s mother (great-grand-mother)MMM
parnkuparnkumother’s brother’s son or daughter, father’s sister’s son or daughter (cross-cousin)MBS,MBD,FZS,FZD

Gupapuyngu Examples of sounds and their spellings

Gupapuyngu (Yolngu) has a few more kinds of sounds than many other languages, including Gurindji. These are illustrated in the kin terms given below. Thanks to Waymamba Gaykamamu, the speaker, and to Charles Darwin University.

Community spellingStandard spellingMeaningSymbolListen to the sound
momumuumufather’s motherFM
märi’mumaari’mufather’s fatherFF
marratjamarratyaman’s son’s son or daughtermSS, mSD
ŋathingathimother’s fatherMF

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